Cash For Homes FAQ

Q. Do I need real estate agents to sell my house?

A. If you want to speed up the process, you can call cash home buyers instead. This way, you no longer have to hire real estate agents and your home can be closed within days. You don't have to list your property in the market, either. This way, you can sell your house fast.

Q. Can I sell my house online?

A. Yes, you can sell your home online. You can list it on various property websites to entice buyers. You can also contact Cash For Homes Arizona online if you want a speedy process and to get the best value. Instead of waiting for buyers, we can give you a cash offer that you're free to accept or not.

Q. Can I sell my home with a tenant?

A. Yes, landlords and property owners aren’t prohibited from selling their homes with tenants. However, it’s still important to communicate with the tenants for a faster transition. Most tenants will look for other accommodation due to the uncertainty that lies after the sale. So before you sell your home, make sure that the tenants are prepared and well informed.

Q. Is it safe to sell my home for cash?

A. Yes, just make sure that you trust the right cash home buyers. We at Cash For Homes Arizona offer a transparent and honest buying process. Rest assured that you will get the best value for your property.

Q. How do you determine the price to offer on my house?

A. To determine the price of your house, we send an inspector to check its condition. We will also base our offer on the current market trends and price ranges. From there, we will calculate a cash offer. Don't worry because you're free to walk away if you don't find our offer attractive.

Q. How long does the selling process take time?

A. With a cash home buyer, it will only take a few days to sell your home. In rare cases, it will take a week or two, but it's definitely faster than using realtors. However, if you opt for traditional selling, expect that the process may take months to secure a buyer.

Q. Will Cash For Homes Arizona offer market value for my home?

A. We always base our offers on market value, but we also have to factor in the cost of possible repairs. Rest assured that when we purchase your home as-is, we will give you the highest possible offer we can. We don't charge commissions or closing fees, so everything goes straight into your pocket.

Q. Can I sell a house with termite damage?

A. If you're selling through a real estate agent, the sad news is that it won't be possible to sell a home with termite damage. However, if you get our help, we will give you a cash offer, regardless if your home has a termite, fire, water, or other damages. We are investors who see the potential in every home.

Q. Do you pay fair prices for houses?

A. Yes, we always pay fair prices. We base our offer on the condition of the house and the market value. This way, our clients will receive the best possible deal for their home. We also have a transparent process with no fees or closing costs. With that, you’ll get every cent from the sale.

Q. How are you different from a real estate agent?

A. Unlike real estate agents, we will buy your home directly from you. We will not list it or serve as middlemen. We are direct buyers with cash ready in our accounts to pay for your property. This allows us to close your property within days once you accept our cash offer.

Q. What kind of houses do you buy?

A. We buy all types of houses: single-family, detached homes, townhouses, and so on. Whatever your property is, we will buy it as-is. This way, you can move on to your new property without worrying about selling your previous home. Call us, and we will close it within days and give you the payment in cash.

Q. How can I sell my home for money fast?

A. If you want to sell your house for money, call Cash For Homes Arizona now. Wherever you are in AZ, we will inspect your property and give you a cash offer immediately. If you’re happy with the price, we will proceed in closing the property so you will receive the payment in full.

Q. How do you buy a house?

A. We buy houses as-is - no need for you to make repairs or renovations. Even if it’s heavily damaged, we can give you a cash offer. This way, you won’t have to shell out out-of-pocket expenses just to fix the structural problems in your home. We are also upfront once you accept our cash offer.

Q. Do you pay what my home is worth?

A. We pay what your home is worth after our inspection and upon referring to market value. For heavily damaged homes, expect a lower offer than its actual price when you purchased it. Still, you won’t have to deal with the repairs because we will be the ones to shoulder the expenses.

Q. Is it better to buy a house with cash or mortgage?

A. Buying a home in cash saves you from paying interests. However, it’s an upfront payment that will make a significant dent in your savings. On the other hand, buying with a mortgage allows you to purchase the home with minimal impact on your savings. You’d have to pay a monthly fee, including the applicable interest rates.

Q. How do I sell my home to Cash For Homes Arizona?

A. If you want to sell your home to us, call us at 480-744-5842. We will send a representative to your home to inspect the property and discuss the potential transaction. After that, we will give a cash offer. If you accept, we will process the closing with the needed documents. We will provide the first payment, then a full payment after closing, which will take a few days.

Q. How fast can you close on a house when paying cash?

A. We can close a house for less than a week with cash ready. Once you accept our cash offer, we will process the sale and pay you with cash right off the bat. The longest closing would be two weeks, but it’s usually a week in most cases. This way, you can get rid of your property right away.

Q. Do you buy houses in bad condition?

A. Yes, again, we buy houses as-is. Even if your home has fire, storm, flood, and other damage, we can give you a cash offer. It's up to you to accept or decline it. But once we process the closing, you will be free from any renovation cost since we will be the ones to shoulder it.

Q. Do you pay fair prices for properties?

A. Yes, be it a home or rental unit, we offer fair prices to our clients. We always refer to the market value and current condition of the property to ensure that we're giving the right price. Rest assured that you'll receive the best value for your property during the sale.

Q. Are there any fees or commissions to work with you?

A. We don’t charge any fees or commissions! As a cash buyer, we will give you every cent of the cash offer. We observe full transparency when closing homes, so rest assured that you will not be ripped off. Remember, we’re not realtors; we’re investors, so we will not milk excessive fees from the sale.

Q. What services does Cash For Homes Arizona provide?

A. Here at Cash For Homes Arizona, we buy houses in AZ as-is. You no longer have to look for an agent. Also, we will be the one to process the sale so it wouldn’t cost you anything. We also inspect your home for free so that you will have a better picture of your property.

Q. What if my house needs repairs?

A. Even if your house needs repairs, we can purchase it from you. Again, we’re not realtors. We are investors and we’re willing to shoulder the repairs so you can move on to your new property. We will give a fair price on your house based on the condition and the market value.

Q. Who sells houses to Cash For Homes Arizona?

A. Anyone in AZ who wants to sell their house fast and hassle-free should sell their homes to Cash For Homes Arizona. If you need to liquidate your property right away, call us and we will inspect your house for a cash offer. We offer a quicker option than listing your property with real estate agents.

Q. Why should I buy a house from Cash For Homes Arizona?

A. If you want a refurbished home at a low price, don’t hesitate to call us. We offer homes in AZ for an affordable cost. Still, rest assured that it’s in excellent condition. We flip the houses we purchase from homeowners and breathe new life to it for new owners to see.